About Us

Develop proactive, efficient, and cohesive strategies to restore and maintain Lancaster County waterways.

The Consortium provides resources for municipalities and community stakeholders to assist with local, state, and federal stormwater permit requirements.

Provide innovative tools and educational programs to meet Minimum Control Measure requirements.
Support municipalities and watershed groups in meeting the goals of their watershed implementation plans, TMDL plans, and pollutant reduction plans
Support planning, implementation, and construction of projects that reduce stormwater pollution.
Encourage collaboration between municipal and project partners.
Advocate on behalf of our members.

LCCWC Steering Committee

Joellyn Warren, Chair*- West Lampeter Township/LIMC
Scott Hain, Vice-Chair*- David Miller/Associates, Inc.
Jay Snyder, Treasurer*- Borough of Ephrata
John Bingham*- East Hempfield Township
Kent Gardner*- West Hempfield Township
Laurel Etter*- LandStudies, Inc.
Heather Valudes*-Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kara Kalupson*-RETTEW
Sharyn Young*-Penn Township
Mike LaSala- LandStudies, Inc
Chris Thompson/Brittany Smith- Lancaster County Conservation District
Matt Kofroth- Lancaster County Conservation District
Fritz Schroeder- LIVE Green
Kristen Kyler- Penn State University
*voting members