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Projects in Lancaster County

The Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium provides grants in the form of a Stormwater Mini-Grant and a Streamside Grant Project.

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Stormwater Mini-Grant submission is currently closed for 2019. Submission of applications for 2020 will be announced in early Spring. Please click below to find an example application.

Featured Projects

Funded ProjectsFunded Projects

West Lampeter Township Stormwater Basin Retrofit

Project Summary: Wyndmere Way Naturalized Basin Project -- stormwater basin retrofit at Hayward Heath development.

Proposed Project: Stormwater basin retrofit at Hayward Health development. Retrofit existing stormwater basin to hold, absorb, and filter runoff. The Township will work with ELA to develop a final plan for the retrofit of the basin to include a wetland area. The project area will be carved, graded, and filled with amended soils to permit infiltration of runoff and filter out pollutants prior to discharging from the basin. Curved edges and berms will allow water to meander through the wetland area and basin slowing and spreading the flow until it ultimately passes through plantings prior to infiltration and/or discharge from the basin. The existing perforated pipe underdrain located in the middle of the grass basin from inlet to outlet will be disconnected, since it is believed to be clogged. Native plants will be planted in the new wetland area to promote bird and small animal habitat. A portion of the basin will remain grass. After installation, the Township will conduct maintenance sessions with property owners to prevent illicit discharge to the area and promote stewardship. Township will install information kiosk at the Township park explaining the project and its impact to the Ches. Bay. The LCCWC will receive credit for the project on all signage.

Lititz Shade Tree Commission, Lititz Borough – Stormwater Tree Spaces Implementation

Project Summary: Specially designed tree spaces as a stormwater BMP to treat and infiltrate street runoff, rather than it flowing directly into the Santo Domingo Creek

Project report: The tree spaces on Locust Street are flow-through rain gardens. The structures are essentially curb bump outs that are planted with rain gardens and they act to intercept stormwater flowing on the west side of Locust Street. Since their installation they have been a great asset in improving the water quality flowing into the Santo Domingo and act as another part of the comprehensive restoration of the Santo Domingo through New Street Park. The borough also sees them as being an asset to their MS4 program since they are immediately before a direct drop outfall into the Santo Domingo.

Funded ProjectsFunded Projects