About Us

Part of the strategy will take the form of developing Watershed Implementation Plans (WIPs) for Lancaster County's twelve subwatersheds. WIPs are currently in place for the Conewago, Conowingo and Mill Creek Watersheds. Other watersheds have portions of WIPs in place. The implementation of the strategy will provide Lancaster County's urban, suburban and rural communities with a better quality of life as fewer pollutants contaminate the county's rivers and streams via non-point municipal and agricultural run-off as well as sewage treatment plants and other point source discharges.

Services of the Consortium

  • Support Watershed Alliances through consortium and municipal cooperation,
  • Act as a liaison between members, PA DEP and US EPA. Translate regulatory requirements for members and provide guidance on how to meet requirements,
  • Provide educational seminars, workshops, and training; typically at discounted rates for members,
  • Establishment of new watershed alliances where needed with consortium and municipal cooperation,
  • Developing watershed action/restoration plans for Lancaster County watersheds,
  • Demonstration and development of innovative storm water, Best Management Practices,
  • Implementation of a countywide storm water strategy,
  • Provide grant writing assistance and support to members,
  • Provide members priority access to the Conservation District's Professional Engineer for technical assistance,
  • Corporate sponsorships,
  • Pilot projects,
  • Obtaining grants to fulfill the goals,
  • Digester pilot projects, and
  • Legal support.

LCCWC Steering Committee

Joellyn Warren, Chair*- West Lampeter Township/LIMC
Scott Hain, Vice-Chair*- David Miller/Associates, Inc.
Jay Snyder, Treasurer*- Borough of Ephrata
John Bingham*- East Hempfield Township
Kent Gardner*- West Hempfield Township
Lauren Etter*- LandStudies, Inc.
Heather Valudes*-Lancaster Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kara Kalupson*-RETTEW
Sharyn Young*-Penn Township
Mike LaSala- LandStudies, Inc
Chris Thompson/Brittany Smith- Lancaster County Conservation District
Matt Kofroth- Lancaster County Conservation District
Fritz Schroeder- LIVE Green
Kristen Kyler- Penn State University
*voting members

Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County Board of Directors

Jay Snyder - President
Kent Gardner - Vice-President & Recording Secretary
Darrell Becker-Treasurer
Full Board - http://lancasterconservation.org/conservation-foundation/foundation-directors/